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This site lists the events, schedules and registration for the annual Blackburn Hamlet FunFair.

FunFair Team

The Blackburn Funfair wouldn't be possible without the hard work and dedication of the FunFair Committee.

BCA President - Laura Dudas
FunFair Chair - Brent Lawrie
Showcase Manager - Darlene Avelar
Movie Coordinator - Jeff Miller
Entertainment Directors - Mike Murphy & Kevin Wright
Facilities and Co-Chair - Ian Chamberland
Tickets - Mike Goulet
Food, BBQ - Mark Charlebois & Chris Shaeen
Fun Run - Erika Coghill
Beer Gardens run by Ladies Softball - Kaitlyn Chambers
Parade Coordinators - Jennifer Belanger & Francois Trepanier
Sponsorship - Betsy Schagerl, Trisha Cloutier & Sarah Morgan-White
Treasurer - Ben Charlebois
Volunteer Coordinator - Ali Yassine
Webmaster - Kaitlyn Demasi
Mixed Softball Tournament - Dwayne Stevenson & Bruce Laval
Promotion and Field Games - Belinda Joy
Used Book Sale - Steve Rathwell and Sonia Marcotte
Dunk Tank and Paint Party - Kaitlyn Lecours
FunFair team

FUNFAIR 2013 Cake Cutting Ceremony


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