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This site lists the events, schedules and registration for the annual Blackburn Hamlet FunFair.

About Blackburn FUNFAIR

For three days in June, thousands of people from Blackburn and outlying areas will be at the 48th annual Blackburn Funfair.  Thanks to volunteers, local businesses, and a fabulous community, the Blackburn Funfair keeps getting better – attendance grows, chatter increases and word of mouth goes around.

In operation since 1971 the Blackburn FUNFAIR has always been a community icon.  Starting out at Glen Ogilvy School grounds in the early years then moving to the park adjacent to Emily Carr Middle School then making it's way to 190 Glen Park the fair has survived many changes, storms and other influences but has always come through as a Community Celebration Day for Blackburn Hamlet.

The Blackburn Hamlet Community Association recognizes the importance of the FunFair to the community and proudly supports the event each year.

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