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Like softball?

Then consider putting a team together and entering the Blackburn FunFair 4 pitch mixed softball tournament!

Location: Tauvette Park in Blackburn Hamlet, located at Innes Road and the Blackburn Bypass.
Dates: Friday June 3rd and Saturday June 4th. Schedule TBD once all teams are registered.
Registration: Contact tournament organizer Dwayne Stevenson at
Cost: The cost to register a team is $350. Fee includes T-Shirt, a shuttle between Tauvette Ball Diamonds and the Community Centre and a Great Time!
Note: Alcohol will not be served at the ball diamond.

4 Pitch Tournament Rules

Fun! We are all here for the same reason, let’s remember that. No stacked teams, if we feel your team is stacked (ie. not competitive with the other teams) you will be kicked out with no refund

  1. In the spirit of fun, people with physical limitations are permitted to have a runner.
  2. Pitch to your own team, four pitches.
  3. If you hit the Pitcher, automatic out.
  4. Maximum roster of 15.
  5. Ten players on the field at all times, four of which must be females.
  6. Three outs per inning or maximum once through the batting order of ten.
  7. No sliding into home. Once past the line, must commit to home plate.
  8. No sliding into first base ever. Automatic out.
  9. Umpires decision is final. No protests.
  10. No steel cleats.
  11. Four games guaranteed for the cost of $350 per team.
  12. Six teams advance to playoffs.
  13. Top two teams get a bye.
  14. If there are ties, the following tie breakers will apply:
    i. head to head
    ii. least total runs allowed
    iii. most total runs scored
    iv. coin toss
  15. All other standard Baseball Canada rules apply.
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