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The Funfair is brought to you by volunteers from our community. Our team currently includes:

FunFair Chair Brent Lawrie
Showcase Managers Diane & Stephanie Charlebois
Movie Coordinator France Souliere
Entertainment Directors Mike Murphy & Kevin Wright
Facilities and Co-Chair Brent Lawrie
Tickets Michael Chippa
Food, BBQ Mark Charlebois & Chris Shaeen
Fun Run Erika Coghill
Beer Gardens run by Ladies Softball Sophie DeGrandpre
Parade Coordinators Ilona Bartman and Jennifer Walker
Sponsorship Brittany Burden
Treasurer Ben Charlebois & Azzy Snoussi
Volunteer Coordinator Ali Yassine
Website Steve Vesely
Mixed Softball Tournament
Communications Nina Ryan
Field Games Vivian Cote-Maxwell
Used Book Sale Steve Rathwell and Sonia Marcotte
Dunk Tank Position open
Dog Show Adele Landriault
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