Tribute band “SOS – The ABBA Experience” will be headlining the main stage at the 50th anniversary Blackburn Hamlet Funfair on Saturday June 4 9PM featuring local Blackburn resident Kevin Wright on keyboards.


Limited seats are available. Tickets are $30 and are on sale now online and (if not sold out) will be available at the door.

SOS Band – The ABBA Experience is a band you don’t want to miss! With decades of professional experience among its members, they recreate the music of ABBA as closely as possible to the original studio recordings with no backing tracks. The appreciation of the Swedish pop phenom’s groove and unique vocal style is clearly evident in this group’s performances. From the killer vocals and harmonies classic to Agnetha and Frida, the intricate piano and rhythmic guitar of Benny and Bjorn, to the rich backup vocal layers performed by the other talented members, this ten-piece band will deliver an authentic experience like no other!


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